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  1. Four years ago I started using evernote to organize a study trip to Switzerland. I did that because of the atlas tool. I am an architect and that tool was magnificent! I could see all the pins on a full screen map. I could sincronize the ipad and the iphone and check every single location of all the buildings listed while I was walking or driving in Switzerland (on and off line). The full screen map had a flag for each note and when there where too many locations too close to each other, a number on the flag showed how many notes were included. During the past years the flags has turn into pins with no numbers, the full screen has turn into a small fraction of the screen and now the atlas option is not even an option on my iphone. I am very disapointed. I have contact evernote and it seems they won't fix that unless many other users complain. So please, keep on class cking the counter at the top left of this thread.
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