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  1. On 9/26/2018 at 4:51 AM, greenhamsam said:

    I have been a Premium user for over 5 years, my entire life is in Evernote, and am on the verge of leaving the service because of the lack of this feature. It's becoming a deal-breaker for me. Markdown is the standard for most newer note taking apps. At the moment, I'm running three note taking apps concurrently: increasingly, I'm just using Evernote as a file and web clippings storage dump area, Google Keep (with a Markdown extension) for notes, lists and thoughts, and Ulysses (a Markdown writing tool) to develop notes into actual articles and books. This is SO irritating because I am constantly switching between three apps.

    With Markdown support, I would be able to move entirely back to Evernote for all my note taking AND writing needs. Once again, it would become the most important app in my life.

    Writing in Markdown lets me:

    • Create proper structure to long and complex notes
    • Move from a rough thought, to research, to a full article, and even to a book, without worrying about formatting (I can focus on content)
    • Simply export and publish my writing to almost any publishing outlet (blogs, my actual print publisher... they all want Markdown!)

    More and more, I'm asking myself why I'm paying so much money every year for Evernote when I could just use Google Drive for storage. You're already failing me for the actual notes-taking and writing parts. I know I'm not the only one who's thinking this.

    Please guys: I love Evernote and I don't want to move my entire workflow over to a new system, but you are leaving me no choice.


    Totally agree with this. I am using Evernote just because I already have many notes there, and because of the Scanning feature.

    For my normal workflow, I moved to Trello because it supports Markdown.

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  2. It is actually a shame that you can not export the note to PDF. I get it, Evernote wants to expand by forcing users to share the evernote link. However, this is not realistic, I pay premium because evernote is a great way to organise my documents, and it is critical being able to share that document in an standard format.

    This feature is so important that I am thinking of dropping Evernote all together because of that. It is just frustrating not being able to share a note in PDF...

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