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  1. DTLow, tabs were introduced for the purpose of keeping multiple notes open and readily available in a single click. Dragon Fax, I'm using the Evernote Desktop App version 7.0.2 on Mac High Sierra (10.13.3). Window > Merge all is greyed out for me until I open multiple notes open in separate windows. Once more than one window is open Window > Merge all becomes active and has been working to collect the individual notes into a single window. Here's 3 notes as 3 tabs in one window...
  2. Thanks very much Amanda! This will be helpful until the tab feature is introduced!
  3. I also have this "tab bar" option running Sierra OS, but was disappointed to discover that it doesn't actually do anything. From what I can tell by reading other Evernote discussion threads on the "tab" feature, this has been in demand for quite some time, but hasn't materialized in any Evernote updates. I agree that the ability to open multiple notes as tabs within the same window, would be an incredibly helpful feature and would definitely improve my workflow. As a Masters's student I often use several notes as a time to collect research and take notes for a given assignment. being able to quickly jump between these within the same window would be awesome.
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