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  1. Whenever I check (or uncheck) a check box in a note on my Android and save the note, I get a message "Failed to save note". However if I edit a note on Android it saves fine. I can sync with the Evernote server just fine. Editing notes on my windows PC (including check boxes) sync with Evernote server then to android and changes made on Android in Edit mode sync fine with Evernote server then to PC. It is just changing the state of the check box on Android that fails to save note to android. I have tried clearing the cache - no change. Installing and reinstalling the Evernote app - no change. I even factory reset my phone - no change. Phone Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999L Android version 4.3 Evernote version 7.9.7 (Basic) My phone and PC are the only two registered devices.
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