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  1. Sorry (again) ! It is there. I'm using Windows. Just that the Search box appears at the bottom of the screen. Usually we have that Search dialog at the superior part of the screen. Anyway, no problem, it's there already. Thanks !
  2. Hi ! I'd like to have a simple CTRL-F (Find) or F3 (whatever) to find something inside a note. So simple and yet, it's not there , AFAIK. Thanks !
  3. I understand your suffering ! I also like to read a lot of PDFs and annotate them. Each PDF is a subject I'm studying and of course, resides on a single note. But, the thumbnail is ugly and also, it is very cumbersome to work with PDF annotation. I think that also, if PDFs worked just like Office Files, that you save them and they're stuffed back smoothly into your note, that would be great ! And , Yes, I also think that Evernote crowd does a lot of things that are irrelevant. They need to improve a lot the note editor itself cause primarily Evernote is a NOTE TAKING app. Not a presentation tool , not a sharing tool. It needs to be primarily very good at taking your own notes. Anyway, thanks !
  4. Hi ! I'd like to have an option to set if I want (or not) Evernote to remove files from it's import folders once they are processed. I usually work with those kinds of "hot folders" but, it's easier to understand or to control when the "other side" deletes the file once it grab's it. Currently it does not remove the files. It swallows the file but does not remove. This would keep on being the default behaviour cause it's been like that for all users. However, we could have a configuration option "per import folder", telling if Evernote should remove the files once processed or not. IMHO that would make automation betweeen applications way more easy. Thanks !
  5. Mr ThomasQ : I do understand what you mean about "our brain works". I have a Samsung Note 5 , with it's embeded stylus and, I do miss that EN wont allow me work like a NOTEBOOK. That is what it was primarily supposed to be : to emulate a notebook itself. Also have a tablet from Samsung, with stylus too. What I see however is that EN is trying to be a lot of things (presentation mode, colaboration tool, etc) but not a notebook ! I'm around One Note exactly because it allows me to draw like my brain works. Other apps I've seen that are waaaaaaay more intuitive : Meta Moji Note : works pretty much like a notebook. Very, very intuitive. You can even "drop" a PDF and it will transform it right away into an editable notebook. However it miss a good sync mechanism. It has one but we know EN is very good on syncing. Papyrus : also very intuitive. Works like paper. Samsung S-NOTE. Also very beautiful app. But is miss the search engine that EN has. It's funny cause, when I go to a meeting using my Tablet, I just find it very difficult to take notes (using a S-PEN), using EN ! It's just not intutive ! If I had to type the notes, I'd take my Notebook and open Word itself ! Anyway, just some more thoughts... You may want to read a post of mine, where I complain about some things just like you. It's somewhat long post but, it's related to your thinking : Just to conclude : EN is great for synchronization. It's also great when it searches INSIDE images but it is very bad while editing. It's pretty advanced on thiings that it was not supposed to do (presentation) and it miss a lot on things that are it's core, with is EDITING NOTES ! See ya!
  6. I cant see the option to add background colour to tables while using EN on Windows...
  7. I know and use AutoHotKey for Windows and, indeed, I'll have to do this stuff using it. But I think there could be an embeded resource for doing that, just like other editors have. It would be more practical.
  8. Hi ! I can create handwritten notes on my mobile but, when I go to my desktop to enhance/improve that text (image), I'll loose the handwriting capability !! I can edit on my PC but I'll no longer be able to edit/retouch it on my mobile... That's very disappointing. I wanna it to be reversible, that is, that I could edit it on both devices, AS handwriting.
  9. Hi ! I'd like to create my own Keyboard Shortcuts to automate some tasks . For instance : F7 would move current note to "Recipes Notebook". How would this feature work ? You would type the key you want to assign (F7 for instance) and then, would record the sequence of keystrokes that would be bound to F7. This is mostly for desktop clients, of course.
  10. Yes but you have to build it on your own. Samsung S-NOTE has this sketches repository ready , pre-made. All you have to do is browse through it's categories. Other app that is very nice and has something similar is MetaMoji Note. It has a "Showcase" of items tha you can add. Some Showcases are free and others you can buy. MetaMoji Note also has : add figures, such as circles, elipses, triangles and so forth. Just a simpler sketch.
  11. Hi ! Samsung S-NOTE app has a nice feature called sketches : you have a database or repository of sketches (drawings) for several things. Say that you're needing for a house drawing : it lists several houses sketches and then you pick one you like. It adds it to your note and you can keep on editing/enhancing it. It would be added as a handwriting , of course. Thanks !
  12. I'd like to be able to choose among several "paper" options to be the background of my note. So see some nice options, just Google for "images background papers" . Thanks !
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