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  1. I know and use AutoHotKey for Windows and, indeed, I'll have to do this stuff using it. But I think there could be an embeded resource for doing that, just like other editors have. It would be more practical.
  2. Hi ! I can create handwritten notes on my mobile but, when I go to my desktop to enhance/improve that text (image), I'll loose the handwriting capability !! I can edit on my PC but I'll no longer be able to edit/retouch it on my mobile... That's very disappointing. I wanna it to be reversible, that is, that I could edit it on both devices, AS handwriting.
  3. Hi ! I'd like to create my own Keyboard Shortcuts to automate some tasks . For instance : F7 would move current note to "Recipes Notebook". How would this feature work ? You would type the key you want to assign (F7 for instance) and then, would record the sequence of keystrokes that would be bound to F7. This is mostly for desktop clients, of course.
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