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  1. Thank you both for your research. I'm glad to know it's not just me. Your findings seem to indicate that this is a real bug and ought to be fixed. There is no use for a CR/LF after a bullet but before its related text. How do we get Evernote to fix this? -Mark
  2. Why is it that a bulleted list breaks when copying into a plain text document, or into some other program that only deals with plain text (like Skype or Whatsapp)? I use Evernote to take notes and those other programs to communicate with my team, but the formatting breaks and it takes a lot of manual work to fix it. Here's what I mean: If I have text that looks like this in evernote: Item One Item Two Item Three And so on. and then I paste it into Notepad (or Skype or Whatsapp), it pastes in like this: * Item One * Item Two * Item Three * And so on. The bullet turns into an asterisk, which is fine. It's also properly indented. But then the text that should be on the same line ends up at the left margin of the following line. It takes a LOT of manual work to fix this, especially if there are multiple levels of indentation on a long list. Why does it do this? Will Evernote ever fix this? Or am I doing something wrong? It's been like this for years, but it is ever so frustrating! I look forward to a solution. Thank you. -Mark
  3. Oh...and to be clear... What we're dealing here is the ability to both Copy MS Word text and paste it into EN and have it show up exactly correct, and also to be able to copy from EN and paste it into MS Word and have it be correct. The major problems are with bullets, outlines and indentations. I get extra lines and bullets when pasting into MS Word, and I lose all outline indentations when pasting into EN. There's more, but fixing that would be a big start. -Mark p.s. I can copy this text from this post and paste it into either EN or MS Word and it formats fine in both places. Why can't EN to MS or MS to EN do the same?
  4. I agree entirely. Evernote is supposed to save me time and headache, but this MS Word incompatibility is a huge time suck that needs to be fixed. I keep installing each update hoping that it's finally fixed. Is it even on the EN Development Road Map? Can someone from EN chime in here? Thanks. -Mark
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