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  1. Amazing. It's been over a year since this post was originally made, we've had MANY updates since then and this issue still hasn't been resolved. I've actually had better customer service from Walmart than from Evernote. Like others have said, I think it's time to move on from this app.
  2. Is Evernote aware? I hope so given this is their official forum. To suggest they can't fix this because it is a web client on a browser is a cop out. The fact is, I can do send information to the cloud via various methods (Facebook, Twitter, Apple Notes, OneNote, Blogger, Wordpress.com, and any number of other services without issue. It's only with Evernote that I am experiencing this. Is it too expensive to make it work? That's for Evernote to decide, but they really shouldn't provide one that doesn't work correctly for the sake of cutting costs. Is it too complicated? Considering other companies are capable of doing this I'd say no, but whether it's too complicated for the programmers Evernote has employed is a different matter.
  3. Wish there was a fix too, but it seems producing a quality product is low on Evernote's priorities. Since I mentioned my issue I've been using Google Docs and Apple Notes and - despite access from third party software (Chrome), they've been working flawlessly. To the one who suggested our browsers being the issue, that's the purpose of testing. No, you can't test for every browser out there, but when it comes to Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge & Safari; those should not be an issue. If programming to work on these is too difficult, don't release a web version. Evernote is too big now for that kind of excuse.
  4. I've just started having this issue today and would love a solution. The desktop app isn't an option as I don't want to pay extra for the additional device. I've seen mentioned this is just an issue that comes from browser-based editing, however I've been using the web app since it was first offered and today is the first time I've had this issue. I didn't even notice the duplicates for a while, but kept finding things I typed occasionally disappear, only to find them in other versions of the note. This is ridiculous and have found posts on this for a couple years now. You'd think in that time this would have been fixed by now.
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