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  1. Dear gazumped and Matt W,

    I install evernote 6.3 version but after some days It could not sync with server and I uninstall it .

    I install new version 7.9.8 but when I want to sign in it’s make an error “ There was unknown error “

    . I uninstall it and reinstall  but I receive that error again .

    My android version is 5.0 . I think it is not completely uninstall .

    please help me How can I solve this problem .

    Thank you


  2. Hi

    I update my phone to new version of android 5.0.2 and I installed evernote .

    when I first execute evernote it work but when I edit one of my text the program is closed then for another time I can not

    execute the evernote application ! when I click the evernote icon it open but immediately closed!

    I install another version of evernote 7.9.5 but it doesn't work

    please help how can I solve this problem

    Thank you

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