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  1. Description of the problem: setting reminders in Evernote on iPhone and then clicking on a reminder (in notification center) opens up the note the reminder is attached to however, when I go back to my notifications the other notifications are now missing from "Today" view on the iPhone? Sometimes I have quite a few notification which I miss in notifications center after I've opened Evernote and it really is confusing. Would it be changed in your next updates? It would be great if the reminders stay in notification center untill we tap on it or delete them separately as for example notifications of Tweeter, Instagram and a lot of other apps. I am attaching two photos: #1 presents three different notifications (as you can see ;)) #2 presents the notification center after I click on one of them and go back to the notification center (the other two should still be there as they are not yet changed to different time or deleted)
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