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  1. At the end of 2016, I upgraded to an Evernote paid level. Am I sorry I did! I only have 152 notes, and every time I now try to open Evernote, it freezes (beach-balling) for about 3 minutes ... then crashes. It's unusable. On the rare occasion that Evernote does not crash, when I try to move a note to a different folder (typically with a PDF attached), THEN it crashes. I am using Evernote Version 6.10 (454269 App Store) on a "Late 2012" iMac i7 with 32GB RAM. I am running Yosemite v 10.10.5. A crash log from just now is attached. This is so disappointing as I have been a "free" user of the program for probably 10 years. Yerkey_Crash_Log-20170203.txt
  2. I would definitely go Premium if EN had password-protected individual Notebooks. I'm kind of surprised that the EN team has not introduced this feature yet. - Jeff
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