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  1. @Chantal Leonard The tab multi-tasking is a big step. For the tab title, it would be extremely useful to have to search term of the search field in the respective title of the tab- if there is one. As a pro user, search is highly-leveraged- and the title of the tab hence would contain a lot of context, as does a shortcut. This would allow to overlay shortcuts with yet an additional layer for viewing (eg projects or such).
  2. @retog Thanks. Thought you might have found a solution by now. But I guess we have to wait for Evernote/ScanScap to look at this. ScanScap Manager (on OSX) works fine in my case, incl OCR. ScanSnap Connect (on iOS)- not so much...
  3. I do have the same problem. It looks like this happens for documents scanned through the mobile (in my case iOS) ScanSnap Connect app. @EverNote is there any resolution to this? It basically makes the ScanSnap Connect app useless for ScanSnap/Evernote setup. @retog Have you been able to identify a workaround or remedy to this?
  4. Same here. Mac OS 10.12.1 Evernote Extension 6.10.1 (35f63f9/ Chrome 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit) Reloading helps, but this sucks. Can someone from the Evernote team pls give an update?
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