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  1. Thanks for your feedback, Jun S. I hope that Evernote will fix this very soon in the next app version. To #1: I noticed that the tag list does not show randomly selected tags. Only unstacked tags and the title of my tag stacks are displayed. But the tags inside a stack are not shown and I there is no possibility to "open" the tag stacks in the tag list of the app search. I think, this is definitely a bug since the same error occurs also on my other Android devices. Does the Evernote team read this forum? Or is there a link to send them a bug-report?
  2. In the latest update of Evernote for Android (version 7.9.7) I noticed two major bugs: Problems viewing all my tag in the search: Searching within the app with a tag (e.g., typing in the search field the first letters of the desired tag and than clicking on the auto-suggestion for completion) still works fine. But when want to I refine the current search by choosing another tag from the tag list, only a small amount of tags in random choice is displayed, i.e., not all my tags are showing up. Opening a note from the widget has become slower and has problems: Selecting a note or reminder from the widget, opens the note as before. But when I want to return to my Android homescreen by clicking the Android back button or the back button of the app, this brings me to the list view of my notes, still remaining inside the app. This different to the previous app versions and somehow annoying and time consuming. This is, however, the first part of the bug. When I subsequently click on the Android home button and I select another note from the widget, the app doesn't show me the selected note, but still brings me back to list view of my notes. I have to close the app and reopen the note again in order to see the note. This is the second part of the bug. Overall, opening a note from the widget has become noticeably slower. Is anyone facing the same problems?
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