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  1. Thanks for your feedback, Jun S. I hope that Evernote will fix this very soon in the next app version. To #1: I noticed that the tag list does not show randomly selected tags. Only unstacked tags and the title of my tag stacks are displayed. But the tags inside a stack are not shown and I there is no possibility to "open" the tag stacks in the tag list of the app search. I think, this is definitely a bug since the same error occurs also on my other Android devices. Does the Evernote team read this forum? Or is there a link to send them a bug-report?
  2. In the latest update of Evernote for Android (version 7.9.7) I noticed two major bugs: Problems viewing all my tag in the search: Searching within the app with a tag (e.g., typing in the search field the first letters of the desired tag and than clicking on the auto-suggestion for completion) still works fine. But when want to I refine the current search by choosing another tag from the tag list, only a small amount of tags in random choice is displayed, i.e., not all my tags are showing up. Opening a note from the widget has become slower and has problems: Selecting a note or rem
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