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  1. I like to hand write my meeting notes in Notability (I like the UI much better than Penultimate) and then send them to Evernote for storage and later reference. I would really like to be able to see the contents of the PDF files I attach inline (as well as having the PDF attached).
  2. I don't think that it is, OneNote does allow users to display their attached PDFs on iOS, just like it does on the desktop. I don't want the attached file to be converted into an image, I would just like the PDFs to be attached AND displayed like they do in OneNote. I'd use OneNote, but Evernote has much better features overall.
  3. Thanks, that's what I was expecting. This is a bummer, I'm not sure if Evernote is going to work for me... How do you review your notes if you can't scroll through them inline? Does EN search the contents of attached PDFs?
  4. Has EN updated their PDF handling on iOS at all? I'm trying premium this year to see how it works for me. Since I like using Notability so well for my meeting notes, I created a workflow to append a meeting notes EN note with the PDFs that I export it. I can see my notes inline on PC, but iOS still just shows the attachments when I view on my iPad. If EN doesn't have native support, has anyone figured out any nifty work-arounds? for something similar?
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