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  1. Folks, I am adding my voice to this thread. Every time I open up a PDF in a window on Chrome I get the pop up suggesting that I try Web Clipper to save the PDF. I am a psychiatrist using an electronic medical record from a company called athenahealth and somehow Evernote seems to have forced its way in. When I open up a PDF within the medical record there is a discreet button near the bottom suggesting I can save the PDF to Evernote. That is acceptable and even is helpful because I can either click on it to do so, or just ignore it. But lately I have been getting the pop-up, obscuring part of the PDF in the upper right-hand corner, suggesting that I try Web Clipper on this PDF. Unlike the discreet button at the bottom, this notification has to be either used or closed. Evernote is supposed to be "productivity software." Productivity means getting things done in an efficient manner. Since this constantly is happening in settings where it is not appropriate for me to save this to Evernote as a PDF, it is actually anti-productive. As a psychiatrist I see many people with ADHD. I have been singing the praises of Evernote for years but this is getting to me and I just discovered this thread today when I googled the problem. I saw in fact that the man from Evernote last year kept on giving us double-talk saying how useful this pop-up was while the users were telling him otherwise. It did not get through and it is amazing that one year later, in fact more than that, Evernote has not fixed this. I noticed that nobody from Evernote responds to this thread anymore. I am going to find out if I can in fact turn off this notification as DTLow has suggested but so far I have not found how to get to any web clipper preferences. I did a spotlight search for Web Clipper and I looked in the Evernote preferences. I cannot find Web Clipper preferences. It is clearly time to bail out. I have been a premium subscriber for a number of years but I am not going to pay to be abused by my software. Abusive is the word for it. An unproductive productivity tool. I have used OneNote in the past and I read the favorable posts about it above and I'm definitely going to try it. I am also using something called DevonThink it's which is worth looking into because it has very robust retrieval properties. Web Clipper is in fact incredibly useful particularly for collecting receipts and I been doing this for long time. Why would you tell me to do something I am already doing? If I don't find the button that turns it off it is sayonara.
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