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  1. @ Everyone : Thank You Very Much for your help. The problem has been resolved. First I listed notes with error by Ctrl + sync then by removing the link with error ( selecting the link with error and pressing Ctrl + Shift + R ) on each note, the error was gone and they were automatically synced
  2. @everyone : No the notebook is not a public one and yes the screenshots were removed due to privacy concerns from my employer. The notebook was clipped from outlook which got imported but didn't sync. I tried exporting it and re importing it into a temporary notebook but it didn't work too and got the following error message for notes that failed to import Error processing document: Invalid a href attribute:xxx.xxx.xxx The link inside "xxx.xxx.xxx" contains the link "file:///xxx.xxx.xxx". There is also similar kind of error present in the log which i believe is the issue, I am going to try some solutions and will get back here if they work
  3. @gazumped & @jefito: I still have 10 GB remaining and I tried copying the note to new note. It is being copied. Holding control while pressing the sync button results in nothing, I have also tried all troubleshooting from the link. I have tried everything for troubleshooting, I just submitted a ticket #1927108, I am using a premium evernote but do not know how to have direct support. Any replies are greatly appreciated
  4. The folder "for Reymond" is not being synced from my evernote, It had been created a week before but all emails ( 250 ) are not showing up in other evernote device or web version.
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