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  1. It’s nice that if one holds down the backspace delete button for a few seconds it goes faster. Problem is, that it can be too fast, deleting text I want to keep. Evernote needs an undo button or some way to undo the last bits accidentally deleted. Plus the choices within your support ticket fields are too limited.
  2. I've also been shocked and surprised when I can't access my Premium notes offline. I live in an extremely remote area of Australia, and don't get cell (mobile) service except via a roof antenna to a special router/modem. All my notebooks are supposed to be "offline", but after just reading (for the first time) Evernote's instructions, I realise that unless I look at each and every critical note on all my devices before I leave home, those "offline" notes won't be visible, even after a successful sync on all devices! That seems rather counter-intuitive and definitely illogical and a real hassle
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