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  1. For me the "corrupted notes" were the ones that I was using most frequently (the ones that I was using at least a few times a week). It's been nearly a month and the issue has not come back since I copied out the needed information and deleted the two notes. Interestingly I actually tried to hold on to the old notes by putting them in my "completed" folder but Evernote would occassionally do the "not responding" thing when I was searching all notes from the top level and those notes came up in the search results. Had to kill them for good for the "not responding" issue to be totally gone. Hope this helps as this problem was SUPER frustrating for me and was a nightmare to get to the bottom of. I tried SO many things to resolve this and this is the only thing that worked. I certainly wouldn't throw costly hardware at the issue, fix the root cause. The software should not be all that memory hungry compared to other applications. My system is capable of doing heavy engineering work and I still had trouble.
  2. The Evernote "not responding" was a total nightmare for me to resolve. Was very close to abandoning Evernote altogether after years of paid service. I uninstalled and reloaded the program, tried just using the web based portal, moved to a different computer, reformatted my computer and reloaded all my software, ran through the defrag/ consolidation protocol deal for Evernote, and it would still hang up on me all the time "Evernote "Not Responding"". Had trouble doing my job at time because I had become so dependent on this tool. Cut to the chase. I had a couple of corrupted notes. Two notes that I use frequently had somehow made Evernote unstable. I copied out the useful information from those notes and created new ones to replace them. Since this has been done Evernote has not been hanging up on me. I have been able to go back to using the tool as usual, but I must say that this whole ordeal has made me really reconsider how much I rely on this tool day to day. Hopefully my experience will help someone to resolve this issue quickly or will highlight a glitch which the Evernote folks will work to resolve.
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