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  1. OK, thanks for exposing power of the search, however, should you implement nested tags in the Tags view (pick 1st Tag, then 2nd and so one) that would be very intuitive way of using tag based scope down on notes!
  2. Thanks for the great product. So great that I want to improve it :-) My biggest frustration comes with poor use of tags within search. The great improvement on top of existing tags would be that: 1. you are able to search by keyword, - say 39 hits - too much to browse, then 2. apply a tag to reduce the scope (a normal faceted search approach), - say 9 hits - the iteratively 3. apply more tags to even further reduce the scope - say 5 hits - simple like this! It would explode the efficiency of current - somewhat poor - search. Findability is the mother of knowledge. Combination of tags indicates a meaningful semantic structure! Drop a note if need more specs :-) and a Premium submission would not hurt either ;-) See the attached UI sketch:
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