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  1. @jbenson2, Evernote Support's answer: Lanie R. said: "Unfortunately, if it is a bug we will be waiting for a fix in an upcoming update. Thank you, Lanie D. Evernote Expert...". So, they are neither confirmed, nor declined this bug
  2. Yes. It is unreliable, caused to possible data loss, so I decided to switch to Evernote Web client until they fix this issue
  3. Evernote version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a note with some test content. For example, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". It's title becomes "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" 2. In search box enter "aaa". Then this newly created note appeared. 3, Without deleting "aaa" in search box click somewhere in the note. Cursor appears where you click 4. Try to enter something. Cursor just disappeared. Expected result: entered text should appeared in the note in the place where cursor was. And cursor should not disappeared I also created Ticket# 2312965 for this issue
  4. As for me, I expect from Evernote team to rollback to previous version in iOS client (besides of excuses)
  5. I am tired for waiting for Evernote team to fix bugs with crashing at startup and reinstall iOS app. Now it is launching. Wow! (sarcasm). But I discovered that search is not working, I can not find my often used notes via the search in iOS app. Then I starred these notes in the desktop client. Then I can open it in iOS app. GUI rendering is buggy. Previous version of Evernote client for iOS (7.x I suppose) was beautiful. It was comfortable. Search was worked always and search was fast.
  6. Hello. I am just updated to version 8.0.2. It is still crashes at startup. This issue not fixed
  7. Hello. I am just updated to version 8.0.2. It is still crashes at startup. This issue not fixed
  8. Hello. I use Evernote & Pocket. So it would be helpful to integrate searching in Pocket in Evernote Google Chrome Extension - to be able to see search results from both Evernote and Pocket when I search something in Google
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