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  1. Interesting. You can apply a style to a Notebook, but not a stack. There are some interesting design choices made in this UI for sure <G>
  2. Thank you for that! I've switched it back. Never noticed it there! I also use CAPS for STACKS and lowercase for notebooks within a STACK. GMTA or maybe just blind people think alike <G> I will have to check out the color options tho! Thanks again for the help!
  3. Is there any way to change the color scheme that the new version brought in for the notes listing section? Some dark blue/nearly black with white text is not optimal for everyone's eyes, especially those in a more senior generation with less visual acuity than we had 20+ years ago. In a similar vein of questioning, is there an ability to make the type over there larger? So you know...it's readable with bifocals? <G> Thanks for considering this question / issue.
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