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  1. Nope, nothing on the web platform. I even upgraded my desktop as suggested by the person working on my ticket. No luck.
  2. Is it possible to create a new account with the same email? I did the forgot password when trying to integrate evernote on to trello. I didn't go through evernote.com. I used the same email though.
  3. I forgot my password, created a new one, logged in and all of my notes are gone! It looks like a brand new account. I've tried logging in with both my username and my email address. I have no other possible accounts that I could have accidentally created a new one. I don't go back and forth between devices I only use it on my desktop downloaded evernote. I did log in on evernote web when I reset my password and then logged out and back in on my desktop to see what was going on because I was trying to add evernote to trello and none of my notes would show up. I have my desktop set to autosync a
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