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  1. It looks like the solution is Scannable. If I scan a document with scannable, it creates a single pdf that I can print as originally scanned.
  2. Good call, DTLow. I have now exported an .html file, and opened with a browser, Chrome 54.0.2840.98. This did give me a printout of the pages, in the order that they were scanned, but it does not seperate them by scanned page, see attached. Tried with Safari, same result. What I am trying to use this for is to scan in a digital copy of a script (score in this case) with notes, that I can archive and reprint later if the project comes back up. I am using the document scan feature of Evernote on my phone, which gives me a series of .png attachments in a note. If I only needed these digitally in the future, this would be fine, but I may need hard copies again someday, and I would need the pages seperated as originally scanned for that to be useful.
  3. I am also having the problem of printing a series of pages on Mac 10.12.1, that I scanned into evernote as documents using my iPhone 6S camera on iOS 10.1.1. I tried Export Attachments, and got a similar result of a series of unsorted pages. (They are sorted by the time stamp, but all note scanned in the same minute have been randomly assigned a .x at the end of the time stamp.) I tried the export and open with Safari, but I just got the mess below.
  4. I am also having this issue. Once I scan in a document with my camera, I'd like to have the ability to print out the document pages. The best I've come up with is to use 'Save Attachments to Folder' in 'File' menu. Unfortunately, the pages are all out of order. Anybody have a better solution?
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