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  1. I use Evernote mainly as a journal, and, at times, like to look back to specific dates. This is helpful for anniversaries, holidays, etc. Having a calendar feature across all devices and being able to recall notes on a specific date would be welcome addition to my Evernote experience. I looked around a little but didn't quite find this type of feature in the forum(s). Thanks for any suggestions and apologies ahead of time if similar requests have already been posted.
  2. Good point. Couldn't hurt to play around with exporting as HTML in parallel with PDF.
  3. I'm hedging that in the future, I'll have an easier time referencing a PDF file rather than a native Evernote format but I'll likely take advantage of the Note History feature, which I need to familiarize myself with since I wasn't previously aware of its existence. Thanks. I checked this out recently and have a query in with the folks at ExportNote to see if there's an option within the program to export within a date range and not an entire notebook. I don't think that currently exists though. Thanks.
  4. gazumped: I have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI on my Windows PC and use the Adobe driver to convert. Reducing the image size--in my case, I can just adjust (drag and resize) the image in the note itself--does seem to resolve the issue in most instances. I just need to come up with a workflow to do that prior to converting to PDF. I may also try another PDF creation driver like doPDF or primoPDF. DTLow: I will look into Workflow, but my backup process is simply for posterity, and has previously worked with the least amount of intervention, with the added bonus of OCR functionality. When I did use DayOne for journaling, I was a big fan of the ability to make backups to PDF directly from the app, with a date range option.
  5. Can ExportNote convert notes from a specified date range in a notebook? I can't seem to find any information on a feature like this. Thanks.
  6. When I save/convert a note to PDF (using the Evernote desktop program) which contains a photo, the photo will often be distorted/broken up in the resulting PDF, meaning that it'll appear in several separate portions. For example, a note that I create and attach a photo (which was taken with an iPhone 6 and attached in the Evernote app on my iPhone) will ultimately result in a three page PDF with the photo split up into three portions when I save/convert the note to PDF using the desktop Evernote program. Is there any way to prevent the photo(s) from being split up into separate portions when converting? I’ve attached a PDF of how the conversion appears when converted using the Evernote desktop program to illustrate the resulting conversion (Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf) and another PDF of how it should appear and how it looks in Evernote prior to converting (Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf). I have many notes with photos attached and typically back them up in PDF format but haven't been able to reliably save/convert the note when there are photos attached. I would really like to preserve the original look and format of the note. Here are some details about the software I'm currently using: Evernote Premium; Evernote desktop version (303788) Public; Windows 10 Home, version 1607, OS build 14393.447. Thanks! Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf
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