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  1. Well! I have the Beta!!! I just wanna use the evernote on my windows machine like I can do on the iPad. I do not see the big problem and issue, WHY a sketch can not made as easy as it is possible on the iPad on my windows surface. I already took it easy for long time as I have posted and discussed that need already on the start point of the Beta programs. Evernote is really good BUT this is a serious problem for me in my daily life and needs to be solved.
  2. I'm using a microsoft surface book and I wish, I really wish, to make sketches with the pen directly in the evernote note, similar like it is possible on the ipad-evernote-app. For me this is serious and if this will not work soon, I will switch to another app, even I'm VERY happy with evernote out of this problem. I do not believe, I'm the only one with this request! The current solution in the windows app via a new, second file is - sorry for my harsh word - *****! Thanks and best regards Hans
  3. I'm using evernote on an mac, iPad pro (9,7) and on an iPhone. While listening the speaker it would be nice to make notes directly inside the evernote note AND - as the iPad pro can show 2 windows side by side - to be able to open on the second screen a pdf document and make notes or highlights on it directly INSIDE the pdf document without using Adobe or any other PDF app (similar like make notes on a document in one note). The advantage is, you have your written notes which you can share somehow or send via e-Mail AND - on your PDF document you have your highlighted areas, comments and on the evernote note itself you have the part you may need differently for e-Mails, for your workspace etc. And as my last whish - a white background would be nice too. BR
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