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  1. Alright, the same exact thing just happened with the same note. Altered the note in the desktop app, and it syncs to the web client but not my iPhone. This time I'm not touching the note on my phone so I don't lose my updates like I did last time. Manually syncing on the phone does nothing. But I'll try copying the note and deleting the original. What is going on here though? This is seriously annoying.
  2. Yes, I made a mistake when I altered the note without checking the web app first, next time I'll know not to do that. I'm still stumped as to why the note didn't sync in the first place, and wish I could get that cleared up...oh well. Thank you for the tips, I'll remember them for next time.
  3. I'm not sure how else to explain this because I already mentioned it in my original post but here goes... I modified this note via the desktop app on the 23rd (I believe). Last night, when I noticed the same note on my phone hadn't updated, I modified the note (the old version, on my phone) to see if it would sync on the desktop version. It did, and the desktop version reverted back to the old version with that new modification. This was last night. So when I checked the note in the web app today, it had already synced to that old version with the modification I made last night. Thus, I h
  4. I checked the web platform this morning and it had already updated from when I typed something into the phone version of the note last night (when I should've checked it last night when I realized the phone was not syncing with the desktop app). So I think at this point that doesn't tell us much. Okay, here's the activity log taken from the desktop app, for the note in question: --- Version: Evernote Mac 6.9.2 (454159) [App Store] Locale: en-US-US OS: 10.12.0 Mac Model: MacBookPro11,1 CPU Type: Intel CPU Count: 4 CPU Speed: 2.400000 GHz RAM: 4.
  5. Sorry, can you explain a little more? Where am I going on evernote.com to check the servers, and what am I looking for? And what information should I remove from the activity log before posting? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I'm having an issue with a specific note not syncing from my computer (Sierra 10.12) to my phone (iOS 10.0.2). A few days ago I updated this note via the desktop app, and just noticed last night that it hadn't updated on my phone. I checked that the app was up to date (it was) and I manually synced even though I have automatic sync set up. The note still would not update on my phone, even though the updated version was showing on the desktop app. I didn't check every single note I have, but other notes were updating properly. There were no weird characters in the title, the note i
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