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  1. Thanks Gazumped, I was trying to put up an example with two different sites, and I decided to try web clipper for firefox. In google chrome Site A got the full size images and Site B captured resized images. But when I tried Firefox version of Web Clipper, I got full size imags for both sites. It seems to be a random issue. It is a bit annoying, but it is still a top notch solution for content curation. Thanks! Enrique
  2. It seems to be a random behavior. In some sites, Web Clipper gets the full-size image, and in some other, a reduced size. I wonder what the cause of this behavior may be.
  3. Hi, I'm using Evernote as a content curation tool. When I see an article I like, I simply capture it with Web Clipper as a simplified article. Then I transfer it via CoSchedule to wordpress. The problem is that WebClipper resizes the images to a small size that doesn't fit my needs (500px width approx). I can capture the post as a straight ARTICLE and have full size images, but it will retain all the markup, making the workflow very slow. Is there any way to capture a SIMPLIFIED ARTICLE with the original image sizes? Thanks, Enrique
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