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  1. The "print page" idea is good! On that article it worked and solved my problem. THANK YOU. Some websites offer also an option "show article on one page", but as the websites earn more money if their users visit more pages, I can understand that most sites don´t offer this option.
  2. I would like to "webclip" articles, which go over several pages. Actually I have to webclip each single page or only to clip the first page. If I am reading later the evernote note, I have to return to the original webpage to read the rest. Here it would be very helpfulI if evernote could clip all pages during my first visit. Best regards Ekkehard
  3. Hello 2, yes, I have the same problem, since I updated to Firefox 50.0. I uninstalled WebClipper and then tried to reinstall, but actually it is´nt wokring. Ekkehard Bochum, Germany
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