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  1. I am a recent evernote beginner due to my part time job as a personal assistant. My boss has been sharing notebooks with me which up until this point has been very easy and accessible. In our most recent share exchange he shared a notebook with an microsoft excel attachment. He has a macbook and I have a dell pc. I am easily able to access the note and open the excel attachment. Upon opening, I open and after disabling the feature that says enable editing I am able to freely edit within the document. He says that his old assistant (another mac user) was able to edit click save and those changes were saved and translated into evernote. When I do, however, it allows me to make the changes and save; however, once exited, the changes are not reflected in evernote. In fact, once I click save I get a pop up saying "Document Title is read only. To save a copy, click OK, then give the woorkbook a new name in the save as dialog box." I need to forgo. I need to find a solution to make it not merely read only but editable so that I can click and it updates the changes to reflect in the notebook without have to delete the attachment in the notebook and upload a second attachment. Is there any way for me to open one of his shared notes and associated attachment by simply opening, editing, and saving? He does not want me to open, edit, and upload a new and second attachment. Any help/guidance would be beyond greatly appreciated!!!
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