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  1. It amazes me that you are complaining that Evernote finally decided to charge for all that they offer. For years I used it for free and felt somewhat guilty for not paying for something I used each and every day. I literally use it all day long. I used OneNote back in a previous job and never loved it, well except for the formatting, that is one thing I would love to see Evernote fix. When you copy and paste between Evernote and Office Products it would be nice if the formatting looked better but part of that could be MS. Back to the point, Evernote offers a fantastic product and if you are willing to use it on two devices it is in a sense free. Sure you might not have all of the functionality but why would anyone give that away for free. Eventually companies have to make money, Facebook does chanrge but they make plenty of money off of you and your data. Data storage costs money and again great products can't stay free for ever. To me spending $28.00 for Evernote Plus was a steal and I was happy to pay for it.
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