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  1. this started when I moved to One Plus 3 phone from s7. when I create a note with camera is fine but when I create a note with attachments from phone's Gallery the thumbnail is not shown. Previous notes are displayed correctly with thumbnails. syncing or force close doesnt solve this. version is 7.9.6.hope these info help
  2. I am using Android Evernote with OnePlus 3 and I have a problem with showing the thumbnails. I have been using Evernote with Galaxy S7 and all thumbnails were correctly shown, no matter the note was created with camera or adding an attachment. with Oneplus 3 when I create a note from camera the thumbnail is shown, but when I create a note with an attachment from previously taken photos the thumbnails is not shown. Instead, a grey image is shown (see attachment). This is quite annoying. What am I doing wrong?
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