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  1. Yeah I know. Is there somewhere else I can rant about poor customer service? I'm hoping Evernote will see this while they're monitoring the forums and provide a solution/fix the problem.
  2. So Evernote isn't willing to stand behind their product by offering a free backup when their software glitches? In other words, they're forcing users to pay for their premium service in order for users to protect themselves from this glitch?
  3. There are other posts about similar issues. Pictures in my note which were attached both using the camera on my phone and attached from files on my phone were replaced with a broken image icon (see attached). All pictures in the note were replaced with this icon. Pictures were working fine in this note for several months. No other notes with pictures were affected. I believe I was connected to the internet on both my devices (desktop Windows 7 and Android 6.0.1 phone) for the whole time between when the images were working and when they became broken (although I might have disconnected my phon
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