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  1. To explain my note taking: I used to have one single note file in which I add everyday new sound recordings from an external sound recording app (mp4 sound files). But whenever I reach the limit (whenever the note comes up with the error message on my android) I have to split my note and create a new one. In other words: My (in total) 150mb of notes open separately on android just fine when I split it on my mac or ipad (doesn't matter) to 50mb-50mb-50mb files - but not as a single file when I combine or add new stuff until the arbitrary 'limit' is reached. Back to your questions: Evernote app version 7.9.6 Oneplus 3: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow; OxygenOS 3.2.6 I have other notes with bunch of Pdf files, but these are not nearly as big as those with sound recordings, so they open fine.
  2. So, I have several note files with bunch of audio attachments. I always upload my recordings from my Android device. But, whenever I exceed some size limit inside the note file, these won't open on my android device and I get the following message: "We are unable to load the note on this device. Please use Evernote on you Computer to access it." And it is way below the 200mb note size limit - maybe 50mb.. On the other hand these notes open just fine on my iPad, as well as Macbook. How do I open these notes just normal on my Android device? (I have premium btw.) Thank you in advance.
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