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  1. As an active web user I find Evernote to be the most time-consuming, frustrating, unreliable POS I have ever dealt with. If it actually worked reliably Webclipper would be the main stay app for my research on the web. It doesn't however. And every time it fails, I spend mountains of time-- with NO real support-- trying to figure things that the designers should have figured out before they put the app up. I'm done with this sucker. Richard
  2. I am about to give up on Evernote altogether. Web Clipper simply doesn't work reliably and I spend huge amounts of time trolling around trying to find fixes. The help threads are completely useless and there is no direct service. This is a case study in how to build a completely useless platform that eats peoples' time and pretend like its the best thing since sliced bread.
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