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  1. No need for the cheeky intro Guru, but all the same thank you for the bit about no reported cases of decryption failing across all platforms. This is very reassuring indeed. That being said, I have used various notes with encryption for years now. Across 5 platforms (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android & Web app). And I never ran into this problem. So (A) I figured it might be worthwhile to report it here and (B) find out if others have had similar problems as of late. My gut feeling is that the Android App (which autoupdates for me) could be the cause of the problem. If this issue occur
  2. By the way, permanently decrypting the file, then encrypting it again (with the same password) on my Mac worked. And now the note opens as usual on Mac, web, and android. Which doesn't change the fact that this just shouldn't happen. What if it didn't open anywhere? What if the only device I had was Android, and getting the information from the note was crucial. This is not cool Evernote, and it makes me wonder if I can depend on this tech going forward.
  3. I have an important note, which is partially decrypted. I use this note I would say 2-4 times a week. The password has not changed for a couple of months at least. I use this decrypted note regularly on: Android phone (Galaxy A5 2016) Mac OS Yosemite (Evernote 6.4) and web app (via Chrome on Mac OS) Today, like usual, I try to access the note in question via my Android phone, and I get "failed to decrypt content" - I retype the password - same message. So I go to the web app and I get the following prompt (see attached). This is the first time I have ever seen this
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