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  1. Thanks for this request. I am currently on version 10.13.4 for Mac and cannot detect this functionality, too.
  2. Thanks for your trouble. The batchfile is C:/Desktop/materialien.lnk. This works fine from c:\desktop. But it doesn´t work out of a note in EVERNOTE. Here the link to the batchfile will be converted into file:///C:/Desktop/materialien.lnk. Starting this I see a popup asking »Do you really want to open this file?« OK doesn´t start the batchfile.
  3. Thanks, gazumped. That´s what I tried. I set this shortcut in a note because there are times when this might be useful. My command line is: "c:\program files (x86)\evernote\ENScript.exe" shownotes /p notebook:materialien. This works fine from c:\desktop. However, the link set in evernote (file:///C:/Desktop/materialien.lnk) won´t start.
  4. Hello everybody, is there any way to hyperlink to a notebook out of a note? Hope that anybody can contribute an idea. Thanks for your help.
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