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  1. exactly what I did gustavgi, thank you.
  2. OK, thank you CalS & DTLow; the *wildcard works perfectly! Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm using Evernote with very few notebooks, as I prefer to organise and to search with tags. As I'm using Evernote also for task management, I've created tags for recurring tasks: 'REC - 1 Day', 'REC - 2 Months', 'REC - 6 Weeks', etc. Until recurring reminders is implemented one day (if at all), this is working very well for me. Now my question: How can I search for all notes with a tag for recurring event? (So, how to search for notes with tags starting with 'REC'?) For a second, I thought I've found the solution myself by creating a tag group called 'RECURRING', with all my 'REC-tags' nested in it. Except tag groups are not really groups, but in fact just...a tag, referring to 0 notes. I was hoping it would show me the total of all notes nested within it. I hope I'm making sense here as english is not my native language : ) Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Vincent
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