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  1. I'm using Evernote (10.8.4) note links to paste in my Todoist tasks (= copy app link). So when reviewing tasks, I can find corresponding notes immediately. Except when clicking this link, I always get a windowed message asking me to choose the appropriate app for this. When choosing Evernote, the link works perfectly. This is kind of strange, as the link clearly mentions 'evernote' like so: "evernote:///view/10896105/s96/3bfa139b-655a-4719..." What can I do so that my Mac opens the link in Evernote without asking me for an application? I know this is not really an Evernote issue rather than a Mac issue, but I'm guessing some Evernote users should have a solution for this🙂 Thanx for your help.
  2. OK, thank you CalS & DTLow; the *wildcard works perfectly! Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm using Evernote with very few notebooks, as I prefer to organise and to search with tags. As I'm using Evernote also for task management, I've created tags for recurring tasks: 'REC - 1 Day', 'REC - 2 Months', 'REC - 6 Weeks', etc. Until recurring reminders is implemented one day (if at all), this is working very well for me. Now my question: How can I search for all notes with a tag for recurring event? (So, how to search for notes with tags starting with 'REC'?) For a second, I thought I've found the solution myself by creating a tag group called 'RECURRING', with all my 'REC-tags' nested in it. Except tag groups are not really groups, but in fact just...a tag, referring to 0 notes. I was hoping it would show me the total of all notes nested within it. I hope I'm making sense here as english is not my native language : ) Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Vincent
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