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  1. What you're suggesting here is interesting, but I am not really sure this is what I'm looking for. The thing is, when I first used Evernote I put all my notes in notebooks, stack of notebooks as you would in your computer folders for example. I then noticed notebooks were pretty limited so after doing a little research I read that people are better off nesting tags into hierarchies, which allows them to find their way to a note easily (and also have a better overview of their organisation). All that to say this is what I'm after here, because my course has me jump between studies and int
  2. First I'd like to thank you for your advices. Now that I think of it, using tags like 'Maths - Year 1' is actually pretty clever. I try to stick with tag hierarchy because I find it to be useful when seeing the path from one end to another, but if you see another way of looking at things I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks again for your help! Merci mon pote
  3. Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chap
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