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  1. Also noticing: cursor takes me to end of note occasionally when completing a text edit eg. hit return or other action. When using the builtin dot bullet points (especially after 2+ indents) then sometimes on hitting return at end of bullet to create next one it will instead create two or one followed by blank line (sometimes when there's another bullet with less indents already following it) - I can't then do the usual delete/backspace to get rid of the extra unwanted line as that repeatedly doesn't work - have to instead use delete/backspace to make the previous bullet (with text in) wrap into the bullet prior to that, then hit return to recreate the bullet. Mac OSX El Capitan, EN for Mac v6.10
  2. Since upgrading to v6.10 I keep getting crashing and hanging and using excess % CPU - and when I try to cut & paste text from one place to another it often fails … thus also losing the valuable cut text I wanted to preserve.
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