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  1. When using the Mac desktop app, I get the same strange formatting bug all the time. Whenever I copy text from Google Docs or Word and paste it into a note, the first letter of every line is partially hidden by the right edge of the list pane. This is not a rare occurrence, but happens every time I paste into a note from Docs or Word. Moving the edge of the pane (widening/narrowing the pane) changes nothing about the effect. And, unfortunately, we don't have control over margins in Evernote so I can't fix this issue when it happens. Please see attached image. I have already submitted a ticket,
  2. I'd like to suggest adding the capability to drag/drop files between notes. For example, I use Scannable to create .pdf files of class handouts, but Scannable adds them to Evernote as new separate notes. If I want to include them in the note for a particular class, I have to download the .pdf files to my computer, then drag/drop them into the desired note. It would be simpler to be able to drag them out of the Scannable-created notes and drop them onto the desired note visible in the list on the left. Thanks!
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