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  1. Are you sure, it´s Windows, who put the brackets in the filename? So I tryed to save/copy a file with an existing filename - in Excel produces round brackets (= perfect) - in Windows it asks about what to do: "no copy", "overwriting" or "keep both" (Keep both uses also round brackets! So where does the square brackets come from?? - Maybe is there a Setting anywhere to Change the Kind of brackets? In Evernote or Windows,...?? Thanks for help to solve the Problem! (Round bracket would make the world much easier ;-)) Jens
  2. @gazumped: Thanks for the detailed explanation! But one small, important thing, is not correct! Wrong: "MyFile.xlsx - it already exists; so it goes to MyFile(1), MyFile(2) etc." correct: "MyFile.xlsx - it already exists; so it goes to MyFile[1], MyFile[2] etc." And exactly these square brackets will cause the Problem!!! These square brackets are not allowed in Excel convention (-> see Attachement of my first post) So I call it a bug! Itcan be easily solved by using round brackets "(", ")" I hope in the next Evernote Version this bug will be removed. Until t
  3. Hello Evernote-Team, I am using Excel-Sheets to collect a mass of data and analyse them with Excels Pivot functions. For Pivot-functions Excel uses additional access to the file; And this produces an error Evernote is adding an Extension to the filename like [1], in the amendment folder. (I guess it is for protection of overwriting of different file Versions) As these characters are prohibited as filenames, Excel produces an error, when doing a Pivot Analysis. (see attached screenshot) => Please change the type of characters used for filename-Extension into allowed
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