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  1. Excellent idea, I regularly have 10+ reminders to change and it is without exaggerating my only frustration with EV. Today I have 165 reminders to change but let's not talk about that as I'm not looking forward to it!
  2. Looks like just the job, thank you! The change of format will take some getting used to but I'll suffer that for the productivity gain
  3. Thanks for the feedback. When I try this it just gives me the date but no time. Maybe I'm missing something?
  4. Here's a thought.. Evernote lets me sort my notes by reminder date/time - Cool Evernote lets me create advanced filters to look at notes for a particular day - Cool Some guy wrote a book called "Getting things done with Evernote" and now I have a dated task system wherever I am in the world - Love it Please please please please please please give me the option to put the time against the reminder instead of meaningless (for me anyway) time measures like "16 minutes ago" or "Today". Did I mention that the iOS version already does this so it would make it more consistent
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