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  1. How to get rid of the following error from the Safari console? safari-extension://com.evernote.safari.clipper-Q79WDW8YH9/afb9990e/_locales/en_US/messages.jsonFailed to load resource: The file “messages.json” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. I don't like error when opening console. Browser: Safari Technology Preview, Release 26 (Safari 10.2, WebKit 12604.1.12) OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Thanks.
  2. “abc”: “123” ^ see the quotes? The quotes used in monospace font or under code block uses some html formatted character which makes a pain to type in snippets as it will break when copy pasted. Then what's the point of monospace fonts or code blocks?
  3. The evernote widget has the reminder button which can be tapped to add reminder. But it will be added to the default note. It would be great if I can set a separate default note for reminders alone, so that I can keep all my reminders organized. It could be a premium feature. Currently I have to choose a different not each time and if the app is not opened, it will ask for code etc which is too may steps and time consuming. Thanks.
  4. Once a reminder has been marked as done, the time added to the reminder is cleared. It makes me difficult to go back and see when I have set the time. Please preserve the time. Edit: My bad, I am able to see the date on the reminders list, but not when I open it. But that would do. Thanks. The time field is not displayed in the app or desktop app. When I mark it as done, it strikes out the reminder, but later on, the completed reminders is not shown in the list, it appears as note only.
  5. The evernote desktop apps has the encrypt text feature. In the android app, it is not present. Please add this functionality to android app as well.
  6. +1 I need this feature badly. Other apps which has reminders like Google Keep has this. I think this is a trivial functionality without which reminders are half implemented. Please add this.
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