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  1. I just realized that all my original notes were still in my notebook formatted and with titles and these others were actually duplicates. Sorted by most recently edited and deleted all of the ones edited on that same date. Annoying, but it could have been worse (which is what I originally thought)
  2. As a Basic member I don't have access to note history, but it may be worth it - I've had stuff like this happen in the past that has sucked more time from my life than I care to admit. Anyway, would this require me to recover each note separately or would I also have the option of recovering a whole notebook? In a situation like this, a whole notebook would have been infinitely more helpful than having to recover each note separately. Easy in notebooks with 10 note, impossible in notebooks with over 100 notes.
  3. Just updated today to make sure this wasn't already corrected. Currently on During my previous update on 5/14 since that's the new date of every one of my notes (I haven't had time to follow up or look into this until today) the formatting of my notes disappeared and all my titles were converted to "EN##.txt" - ## is what I believe is the entry number - for example EN98.txt. I've added notes since this happened and the titles are fine. Also, this looks like it's confined to only one notebook - of course, it's the one with the most notes and the one I use most often so just fixing it manually isn't an option. This is on a Windows 10 Pro PC, and when syncing with my Android phone I'm now seeing the same thing there as well. Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you gazumped. Seems that the best thing to do is to go in slowly using the free version and do all my testing prior to purchasing. Thank you for taking the time and answering my questions. Most importantly, it seems that EN cannot encrypt attachments on it's own which I was hoping it could do. Not a deal breaker, but just means I need to come up with another idea for that!
  5. I use EN personally and was thinking it may be a possible replacement for our current "phone book" that we use at work. Following are my questions in regard to doing this - 1. We currently work on a hosted desktop environment (basically our own cloud) which runs Windows Server 2008 R2. I assume EN desktop app will work in this environment, but I would like to know for sure. 2. There would be between 6-8 users on a daily basis, would we need 8 business licenses? Not sure we really need all the options available on the business plan. 3. Is it possible to encrypt attachments? 4. Is it possible to share an encrypted note (and attachment) provided the other person is given the passphrase? 5. Is it possible to have different passphrases per note? 6. Is it possible to have a main passphrase which will allow you access to all encrypted notes (if different passphrases per note are allowed, of course)? 7. I am unable to export from the current app we use, but we can print. Is it possible to "print to EN"? I apologize for all the questions. I would have preferred to speak with a sales representative, but when I completed the online contact form I never received a response. Thank you in advance. Marilyn
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