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  1. Tks for the info on a Saved Search DTLow. Not sure I follow you about the stack. Are you saying create a stack, and just put the Notebooks that have the reminders I want to see into the stack? When you say create a saved search like "stack:xxxx", what is the "xxxx"? Is this the name of the Stack? Tks again, M
  2. Yes - this is my issue - I get all reminders of all notes in notebooks that are shared with me. Some notebooks are just shared for info. But I don't need to and I don't want to see the reminders for these notes where the reminders have nothing to do with me! And worse still, in the list of reminders, I cant see which note is from my Notebook and which is from someone else's notebook. So to check on the iOS to see if the reminder is for me, I have to tap on the note to see which notebook that note is in! The other issue for me is if I am moving from Evernote on the PC to Evernote on iO
  3. The look and feel is OK - but reminders are a complete stuff up! I don't want to see reminders for notes in other people notebooks that are shared with me. The notebooks are shared with me so I can see the information contained in the Notebooks. But someone else assigns reminders as they need to work on these notes - I don't need to and don't want to see the reminders that other people assign - I want to only see the reminders that I have assigned to notes that are in 'my' notebook and that I am working on! It still works like this on the PC version - why h ave you changed the iOS
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