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  1. Tks for the info on a Saved Search DTLow. Not sure I follow you about the stack. Are you saying create a stack, and just put the Notebooks that have the reminders I want to see into the stack? When you say create a saved search like "stack:xxxx", what is the "xxxx"? Is this the name of the Stack? Tks again, M
  2. Yes - this is my issue - I get all reminders of all notes in notebooks that are shared with me. Some notebooks are just shared for info. But I don't need to and I don't want to see the reminders for these notes where the reminders have nothing to do with me! And worse still, in the list of reminders, I cant see which note is from my Notebook and which is from someone else's notebook. So to check on the iOS to see if the reminder is for me, I have to tap on the note to see which notebook that note is in! The other issue for me is if I am moving from Evernote on the PC to Evernote on iOS, one would expect them to work similarly! Now the reminders on the iOS are completely different (and unusable) to the reminders on the PC.
  3. I agree - the reminders on iOS Evernote are un-usable now! Please fix this problem!
  4. The look and feel is OK - but reminders are a complete stuff up! I don't want to see reminders for notes in other people notebooks that are shared with me. The notebooks are shared with me so I can see the information contained in the Notebooks. But someone else assigns reminders as they need to work on these notes - I don't need to and don't want to see the reminders that other people assign - I want to only see the reminders that I have assigned to notes that are in 'my' notebook and that I am working on! It still works like this on the PC version - why h ave you changed the iOS version!!!!!
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