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  1. When I first opened Evernote (on Windows) I was surprised to see the color change of the left panel since I was unaware such a change was being released. It is good that the Evernote team is listening carefully to their users and being responsive, when they can, to their users' needs and preferences. The background color change in the left panel in the latest version of Evernote raises an important design issue (not functional or security issues, but design). When a developer (Evernote in this case) introduces a new design feature, should they automatically change the appearance of the product to the new design feature or leave it unchanged (assuming the old settings are still possible)? It is my opinion that if the change is an optional feature, then the developer should not change the user's existing settings. I would have preferred Evernote to simply notify the users of the option to change the left panel color, but not assume I want the change and make it for me.
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