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  1. Lol, no other services/program wants to take money for support! It is not being greedy specially that i just started to use it. I would pay it, but not now since i know they are greedy. You are just a fanboy, you know where i have your opinion. I am not throwing rocks, i stated fact, it is a fact that they are greedy they want money for support, something no one does. It is just that they can't provide normal services, so thay take money for that. At least bug submision should be free!
  2. It is not like find and replace. Basically you insert one word or prase in few place, and when you change one of them, it will change all. Like refractoring a method name in Visual studio, but it won't change the not linked one. All linked words or phrases would be treated like one word, the other are just instances of that one. If parent change, instances also.
  3. Hello, it would be good if there would be feature that would allow to link words. What i mean is that if i have let say this file: TextA TextB TextC TextA blah blah blah blah TextB blah blah blah blah TexC and then i decide to TextA i have to change every single one, so if i have too many of them i have to change every single of them. It is really annoying when i have many placeholders name for things i still cannot come up with name. So if i change textA it will change all texta that are linked to that word but if there are some other not linked it will li
  4. I have the same problem, but i cannot submit a ticket. it does not allow me to somehow. http://screenshot.sh/m7ORosxwHybL0 i see link to ask on forum instead or to upgrade account. Are you so greedy that we can't submit error unless we are paying? Tried ie, edge, firefox and opera. Still cannot submit ticket. Also the "Upgrade" button the one on the right under upgrade for support does not work, the one on left does. Being here for few minutes and i see only bugs.
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