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  1. This usually only pops up on new sites. For example, the first time signing into outlook, it has a notification saying it supports outlook mail clipping. First time on gmail, it let's me know that it supports gmail clipping. This is annoying, and every time that popup appears, I instantly x it out without bothering to read it. It was really starting to drive me crazy on pdfs. Every time I load a pdf in the browser, I am reminded "Did you know you can clip pdfs directly to Evernote?" But there is a solution!! Once I signed into the web clipper addon and told it to keep me logged in for 30 days, the pdf reminder went away. 1. This is a bad solution, because I like to log out of things. 2. This is a bad solution, because it only works for 30 days at a time. 3. A better solution would be to send me an email once that told me all the features. If I want to know advanced tips, I can refer back to the email, look it up the website, or discover them on my own. 4. Popup = spam. I don't care what's in the popup, the 'x' in the corner is the only thing I look at. Do not make me look at popups!
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