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  1. ISSUE RESOLVED... thank you! I was able to get my iOS device to sync properly, then uninstalled the application. After reinstalling, I did not allow the application to 'sleep' until ALL notes and reminders had been accounted for in the item count. Full functionality was restored and the iOS application now seems to be working much better than it has been for weeks. Thank you for all your assistance. Much appreciated. ?
  2. Thanks, DTLow. I will contact support as you recommend. ? Your input is much appreciated. ?
  3. This problem is when I choose to view 'All Notes'. Some individual notebooks still show the notes, but others don't. I have no idea what's going on with it. Never had this problem before.
  4. I can see my notes if I choose to list them by 'Title'. If I want to list them by 'Date Created' or 'Date Updated' the screen shows as if I don't have any notes.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, Super Guru. I actually have in excess of 5000 notes, and I am signed in with my correct details and still, the notes will display ONLY by 'Title' and NOT by 'Date Created' or 'Date Updated'. The Reminders list also shows nothing when I have 100+ active reminders. Being limited to viewing notes only by 'Title' is not helpful with 5000+ notes. The only positive I've been able to identify is I can still see 'Shortcuts' where I have a 'Master Note' that enables me to access my most important notes through the use of Evernote links, but it still doesn't help me get to my most recent notes. Any other ideas? ?
  6. Evernote iOS update has disabled the option to view All Notes by date created or date updated (only showing by name - which isn't particularly helpful with a lot of notes). Reminders are also not showing in a list. When selecting to view All Notes Evernote only displays "Create your first note" page. Reminders view only shows "No reminders" page. The only way to find a recent note is to search by date in the title (if you name ALL your notes that way). Is anyone else having this issue? Would love a quick solution, or is that being too hopeful? Screenshots included. I am not new to Evernote, so NOT a startup or beginners issue. I have used Evernote for a number of years and have a few thousand notes.
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