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  1. Hi, I have the same issue. I can create the note in OS X or on Android and they sync without an issue. Once opened in web browser, I have either the issue Bloulou has mentioned above, or (even worse), all my bullets gets doubled, eg: this is a test => turns into this is a test In my experience, the Bloulou issue happens w/ Chrome, the "worse" version I am mentioning here happens with Firefox. Are you joking? I believe that the sole reason that evernote has introduced a new forum is because on the old one it was too obvious how little they care about issues of (even) premium users and how unprobable bordering with impossible it is to expect a fix (any fix, of any issue, no matter how critical, no matter how many years ago it turned up). I've been premium user as long as I can remember, If all my notes from last decade weren't so unfortunately stored on this god forsaken platform, I would't touch this product with a barge pole... I suspect this is the case with 90% of current evernote user-base. Please note that using evernote is a one way street only and you will suffer for your decision sooner or later (very likely sooner, their downtimes are always unplanned and rarely well reported)...
  2. ... and if they can't support him (because the Evernote does not believe it would make an economic sense - as is stated in so many places elsewhere in this forum), at least please remove those damned API limitations, so we can really use the Nixnote. Do it at least for paying customers! That would be a huge boost to NixNote development and wouldn't cost you anything at all. I suspect that would at least half the traffic that i generate when I am forced to use the webclient.
  3. I have been paying for Evernote for years. I have learned the following: I never exceed the amount of data I would get in a free account I am plagued by many unresolved issues - losing formatting, losing data, "stuck" notes, etc... I am constantly being plagued by features I don't want (I don't think anyone in a clear state of mind would want), that I can't disable and that are making Evernote close to useless. Examples are: Presentation mode - I must have it activated as a demo feature for like 27th time! It has already been demoed to me and I have decided that it is a useless and not very thought through feature. Would you please stop annoying me with it? OCR of the uploaded pictures - when I search my evernote, I expect to get hits from the text I have written, not some BS the Evernote has decoded on one of my pictures. This makes searching for stuff even more complicated than before. This is a prime example of a "useless feature". I would understand switching it on manually for certain pictures. But trying to index every picture in my notebook is a plain nonsense that does not help anyone. All the other features nobody would touch with a bargepole. Chat? Are you feeling alright? Concierge? Why would I need it? If you have spent enough time working on core features, you wouldn't have me here complaining about nonsense you have added for no clear reason....
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